Music, dance and the art of seduction – Book by Frank Kouwenhoven and James Kippen published by the Bake Society.

Music and dance play a fascinating and complex role in social interactions in nearly every culture. The power of music to elicit physical reactions—from causing people simply to sway in rhythm, to inciting trances or even sexual excitement—has led to numerous different traditions of music and dance in the service of romance. Music, Dance and the Art of Seduction examines a broad range of such practices: from the dancing and singing of South Indian devadasis (courtesans) to the provocative dialogues exchanged between Chinese rural villagers; from the interplay of attraction and repulsion in Mozart’s operas to the “bump and grind” of dancers in nightclubs today. From anthropological, biological, and ethnomusicological perspectives, the essays in this volume explore the universality of the relationship between music, dance, and sexual attraction.

Source: Music, Dance and the Art of Seduction, Kouwenhoven, Kippen
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Publisher: Delft : Eburon Academic Publishers, 2013.

ISBN 9789059725263 9059725263

Description:461 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm.

Contents: The biology of musical courtship. Why not just copulate? : reflections on the aesthetic trappings of animal and human courtship displays / Björn Merker. Song complexity in a species of songbird, the Bengalese finch : a tool for seduction or a byproduct of domestication? / Kasuo Okanoya and Miki Takahasi. Musical seducers and music as seduction / Rokus de Groot. Enchanting voices / Wim van der Meer —

Case studies. The marks of a sensual person : music and dance performance in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia / Jane Freeman Moulin. Sexual education through singing and dancing in S.E. Cameroon / Susanne Fürniss. Courtship rituals and the Native American flute / Paula Conlon. Love songs and temple festivals in northwest China : musical laughter in the face of adversity / Frank Kouwenhoven. Al Bic Bac and the marriage customs of the Dong / Han Mei. There she was : love, courtship, and marriage in performances by gay and lesbian choruses / Pamela Moro. Empowerment : the art of seduction in adult entertainment exotic dance / Judith Lynne Hanna. “Con el guleindón – a tocar es xoriguer’ : subtle and unsubtle seduction and courship in Luso-Hispanic and Sephardic song / Judith R. Cohen —

Focus India. On the dancers or Devadāsīs : Jacob Haafner’s account of the eighteenth-century Indian temple dancers / Joep Bor. Between seduction and redemption – the European perception of India’s temple dancers in travel accounts and stage productions from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century / Tiziana Leucci. Śr̥iṅgārānta : Eros fragmented / Saskia Kersenboom. Wounded with the arrow of her eyelashes : seduction and sensuality in North Indian dance / Margaret Walker. The language of seduction in courtesan performance / Lalita du Perron. Eros and shame in North Indian art music / Nicolas Magriel.


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