Podcasts and music resources for “The Music Instinct” by Philip Ball

Highly recommendable reading and listening:

Philip Ball. The Music Instinct: How Music Works and Why We Can’t Do Without it. London: The Bodley Head, 2010.

Introduction p. viii

[…] In this book I hope to show why the ‘capacity to listen to and distinguish patterns of sound’, which we nearly all possess, is the essence of musicality. The book is about how this capacity arises. And I want to suggest that, while hearing great music played by great l performers is an incomparable pleasure, this is not the only way to get enjoyment and satisfaction from music.

Because the question of how music does what it does is so phenomenally complicated and elusive, one could easily construct an illusion of cleverness by pointing out flaws in the answers offered so far. I hope it will be clear that this is not my intention. Everyone has strong opinions on these matters, and thank goodness for that. In a subject of this nature, ideas and views that differ from one’s own should not be targets for demolition, but whetstones for sharpening one’s own thoughts. And since it is likely that everyone will find something with which to disagree in this book, I hope that readers will feel the same way. […]

Listen to a series of 13 brief lectures by the author (podcasts) and follow his links to audio-resources: these are useful for all students and teachers of music in addition to illustrating the concepts explained in The Music Instinct:

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