Talanome tala trainer App for iPhone, iPhone touch and iPad

Information by the makers

Keep up with a perfect beat, choose your tala with ease, and learn about Carnatic Talas along the way! […]

Like any good metronome, Talanome keeps a precise beat, which is important when you are trying to hone your skills, either while singing or playing a percussion instrument. With Talanome’s sound engine, you get the precision of timing that you need and ought to expect! […]

What’s new in version 2.0?

5 new Chapu Talams
* Tisra Chapu
* Khanda Chapu
* Misra Chapu
* Viloma Chapu
* Sankeerna Chapu
Ability to pick between Manjira and Hand (clap) sounds
Enhanced User Interface

Source and more information : http://www.upbeatlabs.com/Talanome.html
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