Video | Hindustani violin recital by Kala Ramnath (Mewati Gharana)

Kala Ramnath belongs to a family of famous violin exponents: Prof. T.N. Krishnan (Carnatic music) and Dr. N. Rajam (Hindustani music). She was taught by her grandfather Vidwan, Narayan Iyer. Read the full bio on her homepage >>

Producer’s notes on YouTube

Full Concert of Kala Ramnath at RASA in Utrecht (The Netherlands), April 23rd, 2006. Kala Ramnath: violin. Satyajit Talwalkar: tabla. Celine Wadier: tanpura. No use, no copying and no publication of this material is allowed without my permission. Produced&filmed by Pieter de Rooij. Recording mixed by Pieter de Rooij. P.P. de Rooij / Tonal Ties Productions, C. 2013
00:00 – 57:48 Raag Madhuvanti
58:13 – 1:27:40 Raag Dinki Puriya
1:27:54 – 1:39:45 Composition in Raag Des

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